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RadicalZoo is Alexander Westerman. RadicalZoo is an incubation of ideas and projects at various degrees of completion, collaborations and consultations.
Consultation Projects:
Creative Direction | Digital Marketing | Brand Identity | Content Creation
Personal Projects:
Digital | Theater | Visual Art | Film | Television
History of RadicalZoo (1998-2002)
The outsider independent entertainment network.

RadicalZoo will revolutionize the way we are entertained and shop on-line. Our mission is to create a totally unique shopping and entertainment experience. RadicalZoo is a “lean-in” website which brings interactivity to levels never before attempted in the online universe. RadicalZoo is not a passive site. Viewers become participants in the experience.

RadicalZoo is a new form of online broadcasting. Using our episodic (we follow the same characters over the course of many episodes), original, streaming programs as the spring boards for the entertainment value; RadicalZoo will create niche oriented programming targeted to specific demographics. Our all-original creative content will speak to segments of the population that otherwise have been overlooked by traditional media.

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